Gambling Hypocrisy

Gambling Hypocrisy Continues In Kentucky As Expansion Bill Moves On Play Now at Rushmore Casino! Forgive the state of Kentucky if they seem a little bit confused. They have been extremely overwhelmed in the past six months trying to figure out of gambling is good or bad for their state. On Thursday, their wavering took […]

Gambling House

Gambling House Shut Down In Lake County, Florida Play Now at Las Vegas Casino! Even though police are cracking down nationwide on illegal gambling activity, it has not stopped others from being lured by the effects of possible big money. Another arrest took place late this past week. This time, it was an illegal gambling […]

Gambling Compared

Gambling Compared To Underage Drinking In Washington Play Now at Cherry Red Casino! For a long time people have been arguing that if a person is old enough to serve in the military than they are old enough to drink and gamble. These people have not won the argument often, but in Washington drinking and […]

Gambling Companies

Gambling Companies Spent $1.3M Lobbying for Internet Regulation Play Now at All Jackpots Casino! Worldwide gambling companies spent more than $1.3 million lobbying politicians in Washington D.C. in the first half of 2007, presumably to persuade them to pass Bill HR 2046, ie. the Internet Gambling Regulation Enforcement Act. According to our research of the […]